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a safe space for first-generation millenials to unite, discover, heal, and share their experiences

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For the TLDR: We're four, first-gen millennials who drop gems while keeping it real. However, this doesn't really do our story justice. We're more than just 4 cousins who decided to create a's a whole lot deeper than that.


Read more for the who, what, when, where and why we created the first gems brand.


It's hard to talk about The First Gems without first mentioning culture. Culture helps shape your identity and experiences. (S/O to Abiriba, Nigeria🇳🇬!) It all started with one overdue trip back to our homeland that sparked our interest in sharing the stories of natives and brainstorming initiatives aimed to improve life for our people back home. We thought, "if we feel inspired to elevate our community, there must be other first-gen millennials who feel inspired to do the same"! Together, we explore the intricacies of various cultural traditions, mindsets, and beliefs that shape the first-generation experience.


From cousins to sisters. We've established a bond and a sense of community amongst ourselves through our strong sisterhood. It's rare that you find a group of cousins who get along, support each other, have a lot in common, and constantly motivate each other to be better. We felt lucky to have each other to relate to and drop gems on how to navigate life from a first-gen lens. This opened our eyes to the power of community and a need to connect other first-gens of diverse backgrounds with each other. 

the come-up

As always, we dream BIG and aim HIGH. the first gems doesn't stop at the podcast. It doesn't stop at sharing stories on social. Our mission is bigger than that. We inspire our fellow community of first gems to embrace who they are, give back and go after their dreams.


Why tune in?

This is not your average podcast experience.


First Gens. Dropping Gems.

Think of it as an intimate convo with your favorite homegirls.


We leveled up our game for Season 2 and we can't wait to share these inspiring stories with you.  

Tap in below to check it out!

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