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The Festival Survival Guide: 11 Tips to Elevate Your Experience

Alright, gems! It's that time of the year – festival season is in full swing, and we're here to make sure you have the absolute best time ever! Festivals are not just about the music; they're also a chance for us first-gen millennials to connect, embrace our culture, and elevate our life experiences! So, whether you’ve got tickets to a major festival in the States or overseas, here are our go-to tips to make the most out of your music experience:


#1. Create a Festival Playlist: Nothing gets us more hype than a fire playlist! Before the event, curate a playlist featuring not only the headliners but also tracks from up-and-coming artists that will be performing and share it among your crew. This will set the tone for the entire day/weekend.

#2. Organize Your Essentials: Less is always more. Some venues do not allow bags of certain sizes into the venue so your best bet is to stay ready with a small, clear bag that can fit what you need.

#3. Stay READY: There are 2 crucial items that people always seem to forget during festivals which are, portable chargers and portable fans. No one wants to be stuck at a concert dripping in sweat with a dead phone.

#4. Infuse Your Culture in Your Fits: One of the best compliments you can hear is “I love your outfit” during a festival. Blending your style with subtle influences from your culture is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and opens the door to interesting conversations with other attendees.

During the Festivities

#5. Avoid Long Lines: To experience the most that the venue has to offer, be one of the first to enter the festival grounds when doors open. You can take this time to try food, take pictures at photo ops, go to workshops (if any), get freebies, meet people, and use the restroom before your favs start performing.

#6. Seek Out Hidden Gems: While headliners draw crowds, explore smaller stages and emerging artists. Festivals are a perfect place to discover new artists and you might as well get your money’s worth!

#7. Ditch the Pricey Food and Drinks: Instead of splurging on overpriced drinks and food within the festival grounds, eat ahead or pack some of your favorite snacks and a refillable water bottle. Not only will this save you money, but you can also enjoy your favorite treats without compromise. If you want to skip pricey alcohol, try this Umbrella flask. It looks like a real umbrella and may not get confiscated at the door. Note: We aren’t condoning this, but if you must...this is something you can explore.

#8. Capture the Moment, Mindfully: While wanting to capture every second on your phone is natural, remember to balance technology and mindfulness. Take breaks from documenting to immerse yourself fully in the ambiance and vibe.

#9. Be spontaneous: Allow spontaneity to guide you. Say yes to impromptu dance circles, join captivating conversations, and try foods you haven’t tried before. This is what truly makes experiences unique.

End on a High Note

#10. Express Gratitude and Be Respectful: Connect with event staff and express appreciation for their hard work in creating an unforgettable experience. Their dedication often goes unnoticed, and your gratitude will definitely brighten their day. Likewise, respect others' space and be courteous in the crowd.

#11. The Lasting Gift: Preserve the magic long after the event by starting a scrapbook or journal. Collect mementos, notes, and photos, encapsulating the essence of the festival for the future you to cherish.

Now that you’ve got the ultimate guide to level up your festival experience, you’re ready to hit these festivals, make new connections, and create epic new memories you can remember forever!

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